About the Author

Charles Kamasaki is Senior Cabinet Advisor of UnidosUS, formerly National Council of La Raza (NCLR). In this capacity he serves as a senior member of the management team at UnidosUS, the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization representing nearly 300 affiliates — community-based organizations that serve millions of Hispanic Americans annually. In addition to his advisory role on a variety of substantive and institutional issues, his current portfolio includes supervising immigration legal services and citizenship program strategies for UnidosUS affiliates and the field, writ large; overseeing the organization’s other immigrant integration initiatives including a pilot program building an online platform for citizenship, immigration, and other small dollar loans; and selected other activities.

Previously the Executive Vice President of NCLR, Kamasaki for two decades managed the group’s research, policy analysis, and advocacy activity on civil rights, education, economic mobility, housing and community development, immigration, health, and other issues. He has also, for limited periods, overseen the organization’s education, health, leadership development and workforce development programs, supervised its resource development and public information divisions, and served as acting Chief Financial Officer.  

Kamasaki has authored, co-authored, and supervised the preparation of dozens of policy and research reports, journal articles, and editorials, testified frequently at Congressional and administrative hearings, coordinated pro bono litigation and legal analysis, and represented the organization at research and policy conferences and symposia.  

Currently he is Treasurer of America’s Voice Education Fund, a pro-immigrant advocacy organization, and Co-Chair of the (largely dormant) Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation, a consortium of national groups building the capacity of the nonprofit sector to design and implement affordable and effective immigration legal service programs. He previously served as Chair of the National Community Reinvestment Committee, Chair of the National Immigration Law Center, and Chair of the Compliance and Enforcement Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a position with executive committee status, and on numerous other boards of directors, advisory committees, and task forces.

Since May 2012, Kamasaki has been a part-time Resident Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, carrying out research that eventually produced Immigration Reform: The Corpse That Will Not Die (Mandel-Vilar Press, 2019), and other matters.